Young Singles Social Forum



  • We promote friendship among young people in this forum.
  • We mentor young people to be well grounded in academic, social interaction, skills development and righteous living.
  • We teach young people how to prepare C.V that turns in invitation for job interview.
  • We teach young people how to find God’s will in searching for wife or husband.
  • We teach young people what it means to be a wife or husband.
  • We teach young people how to start a family (assuming you are already married).
  • We teach young people how to prepare for and pass job interview.
  • We teach young people everything about workplace character.
  • We teach young people about customer/hospitality service beyond the script.
  • The forum is a singles village with the vision to help them gets exposed to the realities of life.
  • Top level people with integrity and sound track records of life will be on hand to discuss life experiences with YSSF members.
  • YSSF engages in exciting, inspiring gospel musical concert every time its members meet.

We expect fresh and working class young single graduates (male and female) to join this highly elitist network of beautiful, handsome, intelligent and entrepreneurial people. You can further increase the “progress’ in your life through YSSF.
If the above stated reasons for joining YSSF membership are good enough for you, please reply by saying “yes, I am interested”. Pass also this information to your friends and colleagues.

YSSF members meet once every month, essentially on a Saturday for two hours in the tent of House of God Fellowship Church…the righteous living church.

Though the direction to the venue may appear far for some people, but good things, they say, cannot be far from those who cherishes it. YSSF is planned to be a place you come and you want to come again.

If you are coming from mainland, or anywhere within and outside Lagos, you can drop at either Obalende or CMS; then board another bus going to Ajah; drop at Ajah roundabout garage; from there pick Keke Napep going to Ogombo town; drop at Ogombo town bus stop, ask Okada to take you to House of God Fellowship Church which is at no 3, Henry Udofia Close, New Town Estate, Ogombo Town, Lagos. You can also call on this phone number.


The man behind YSSF, if that’s important to you:
PROF. CHRIS ONALO is one of Nigeria’s most dedicated Christian businessmen. A renowned credit management expert, he oversees the affairs of several local and foreign functional companies as owner-founding Chief Executive. A founding pastor of House of God Fellowship Church, Prof. Chris Onalo is not only an experienced family man, but also a man who has been called by God to help marriage survive. His 138-page resource guide identifies, in a simplified step by step format, many of the problems inherent in marriage today and divinely approved solutions to them. Well written, persuasive and inviting, Prof. Onalo, an encourager and confidant of many Christians and friends, discusses ten strategic pillars in Every Day Marriage Tonic that holds a marriage together and encourages a warm, loving and successful relationship between a husband and wife. He also authors Roadmap To A Successful Search For Life Partner… a book for Bachelors, Spinsters and Single Mothers on finding life partner. In spite of his numerous achievements, Chris Onalo, Nigeria’s celebrated Professor of credit management sees working for God as a great passion.

Young Singles Social Forum

…where to meet well baked singles for excellent values


Address: House of God Fellowship Church (YSSF), No 3, Henry Udofia Close, New Town Estate, Ogombo Town, Lagos.
Mobile Number: +234 (0) 805-088-0359.
Email Address: